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Project Update

The City and County of Denver studied the two-way, parking-protected bikeway on Broadway between Bayaud and Virginia to evaluate performance based on the goals for the study. The preliminary data from the first three months have led to the City’s decision to keep the bikeway in place through 2017. The City will continue to study the project, particularly during winter maintenance. Download the Three Month Preliminary Data.

Give us feedback about your experience in the Broadway through the online survey.

To learn more about how to use the bikeway on Broadway review the education flier.

The following videos will help answer some frequently asked questions. Download the video transcript.

Why is the City doing this project?

To evaluate safe operation of a bikeway and other mobility changes along Broadway before making any major capital investments in infrastructure.

Emily Snyder, Denver Public Works Transportation & Mobility

What is the City installing?

The City and County of Denver is installing a two-way parking protected bikeway between Bayaud and Virginia.

Download cross-section diagrams (PDF)

Dan Raine, Denver Public Works Transportation & Mobility

How do I provide input on the project?

Submit comments through the online survey. You can also leave a general comment  or email the project team.

Dan Raine, Get Involved

What happens next?

The City plans to monitor the project for 15 months. After 3 months of data collection and evaluation, the City will confirm the continuation of the study. During the study, the City will collect data to understand the safety and mobility changes that occur for all modes of travel. The City will announce next steps for the project in February 2017.

Emily Snyder, What Happens Next?

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the FAQs (PDF) or read the FAQs online.