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Project Update – August 2017

Denver Public Works is planning to look at new and improved travel options for people who work, live, play, and commute along the Broadway corridor.

Bikeway Study Update: The three month (August – November 2016) bikeway evaluation report is here. The City continues to monitor performance of the bikeway and will release another evaluation report after 12 months of data.

Broadway/Lincoln Transit Study: Building upon feedback received during the Broadway/Lincoln Corridor Study, Denver Public Works, in coordination with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), is implementing transit improvements along the Broadway and Lincoln corridors to support more reliable transit service. These transit improvements include transitioning the existing peak-only transit lanes along sections of Broadway and portions of Lincoln to 24-hour transit-only lanes. The transit lane on Broadway will also be extended from Colfax north to 17th. Improvements also include the use of red pavement markings and signage to help better define the dedicated travel space for transit. For the next year, the project team will study the effectiveness of the red pavement markings. Details about the transit study and associated improvements are here.

Denver Public Works will continue to seek community input while we continue to make Broadway/Lincoln a better place for all supporting the goals developed during the Broadway/Lincoln Corridor Study:

  • Everyone arriving to their destinations safely
  • Continued collaboration with the community and businesses
  • Providing new mobility options for everyone.